• Online diagnostics and development plan for individuals, groups, and organizations:

    Selfmapping is...

    • Complex - measures 133 factors, analizes the connections.
    • Quick - after completing the assessment, the development plan is readily available.
    • Practical - suggests trainings and concrete solutions.
    • Clear-cut - the tool has a logical structure, and is easy to handle.
    • Credible - prepared by experienced, practicing professionals.

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    Stressful state and stress management

    Your company’s advantage when using module 1:
    • You take care of your employees' health and good energy level.
    • You are able to focus on the areas or jobs at risk.
    • You can prevent deterioration of cooperation and performance due to exhaustion.
    • You minimize the risk that your employees quit or become ill due to stress.

    Coping strength

    Your company’s advantage when using module 2:
    • You give your employees strength in accordance with the strategic objectives and expectations.
    • You can focus on developing the weaknesses that present a risk or threat.
    • You will train employees according to their assessed needs.
    • You will optimize amount of time and budget you spend on training.

    Workplace stressors

    Your company’s advantage when using module 3:
    • You see and manage the critical points of organization’s functioning as a whole.
    • You can design leadership development in accordance with feedbacks.
    • The leader’s work is assisted by analyses and a concrete action plan suggestion.
    • You facilitate your employees’ quest for balance and trust in a targeted manner.

Process for companies


"I wholeheartedly recommend it to professionals and to managers who look for a developmental tool that is based on practical experience, customized, and provides more than a diagnosis." - Dr. Ágnes Marik - Psychiatrist, Trainer, and Coach

Documented test results

Feedback provided by Selfmapping guides you through the assessment of the groups you selected by using figures, diagrams and written analyses. Click on the figure to see a sample of our assessment.

Order it right away Take the sample test, and see for yourself whether it is useful! Our sample test has been designed using the entire material of Selfmapping, in order to reflect its structure and features. Upon completion you will get an assessment – just like when doing the whole test – listing your competencies, and also describing the suggested development areas. Completing the sample test only takes 5 minutes of your time.

Module I.


For companies even the presence of stress is an important piece of information. It indicates that employees find some situations dangerous, and they doubt that a reassuring solution will be found. And yet, the employees’ high level of stress, and the early signs of stress-related illnesses become accustomed without being noticed. The exhaustion caused by stress may be compensated by more work for a while. Finally performance will decline, relationships deteriorate, and staff turnover increase. Your employees will pay with their health.

Module II.


Maintaining the company’s competitiveness depends on human factors. The employees’ individual and joint coping strength that comes from cooperation is a token of success. Either of the factors may assist or endanger achieving the set objectives.
Module 2 measures the level of the different coping strength factors, and prepares a development plan based on the results. The trainings drawn up accordingly are based on real needs and customized. It only removes employees from daily work for as much time as absolutely needed.

Module III.


What is needed for working more efficiently? This is what module 3 of Selfmapping measures. The results present the factors that make work smoother and more efficient, strengthen the employees’ trust and satisfaction, and facilitate finding work-life balance. Analyses, comparisons, suggestions for change provide a useful basis to the heads of each group and area for preparing action plans.


Customers, partners said about us …

  • DHL

    What tells us apart from our competitors – besides the DHL brand – is the great added value that our colleagues represent. Today’s biggest challenge to HR is to keep, strengthen and develop this value, in order to keep it synchronized at all times with the pace set by outside changes and the clients’ needs. This is why I was so glad to come across Selfmapping.

    It deserves my praise for many things, for how quick, structured, thorough, easy-to-understand and visual, comprehensive and impelling to act it is, because I saw the evaluations and development plans, and I took the test myself. But what I find really special about Selfmapping is how it lends itself to use, and how authentic it is. I find it reassuring that it was elaborated by professionals who have experience, who practice individual, leadership, group and organizational development on a daily basis, and who are committed to transform this valuable knowledge of development into a value-added tool and tangible results in company life.

    I heartily recommend Selfmapping to all my colleagues in HR and management.

    Anett Bognár Head of HR, DHL Global Forwarding & DHL Freight, Hungary
    HR Manager, DHL Global Forwarding Eastern Europe/Israel
  • People are the building blocks of every organization. Excellent organizations can only be built by excellent people. The reason why I wholeheartedly recommend Selfmapping to every manager is that it showed us in a very concrete, tangible way where the danger zones and the potentials for excellence lie in our organization. We also got quite clear directions on what to do if we want to use our potentials, and manage the risks.

    Szabolcs Takács Business Development Director, KBC Securities
  • In the course of being an HR professional and HR leader at multinational companies for 15 years, I have always found important and had an open ear to our employees’ satisfaction. We all know that multinational companies excel at functioning as efficiently as possible, and maximizing everyone’s potential. This leads to many advantages both for the individual and the company, but it has the almost ubiquitous disadvantage and risk of putting too much pressure on the employees, who have to overachieve while the amount of work increases, and the outside environment, the organization, the processes, teams and positions change. In my opinion, the key to employee satisfaction and motivation is the success that managers and colleagues achieve by managing, coping with these challenges individually and on a team level.

    Selfmapping offers practical and quick help to this very problem: we are almost just a “click” away from an individual (confidential) or collective survey/analysis of our state/situation and what is even more important: as a matter-of-fact, practical development plan, and suggested solutions. I find that Selfmapping is a very useful tool for improving and maintaining our organization, as well as our employees’ health and commitment.

    Viktória Kovács HR Leader, AVON
  • Selfmapping opened up new dimensions in my work as a coach. It assisted my clients’ self-awareness work with such precision and elaborateness that allowed them to make definite progress. Selfmapping also provided information about the state of mind of the team led by the client, allowing my clients to evaluate their team more realistically. This helped the coachees act in a more focused, more aware way as leaders. I cordially recommend it to all my fellow coaches!

    László Jacsó Coach, ING Biztosító Zrt.
  • The real benefit we gained from Selfmapping was that it made the team more aware when managing stressful situations, personal challenges, motivations, and we were also provided tangible assistance, thus the atmosphere became more confident and calm. The evaluation overview also showed me explicitly the areas where the team, or myself as a leader need development. Even though personal assessment is an important pillar of Selfmapping, the community has also been brought together thanks to the discussions we had about the results and challenges.

    András Somi CIIA, Head of Retail Research, KBC Securities
  • Selfmapping is more than just a self-awareness tool. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that upon completion one can become aware of the strengths and drawbacks in workplace situations and state of mind.
    It helped me and my team to see clearly the areas that needed development and the root causes of problems as soon as we assessed the results. It was easy to use, and by completing the test we were able to determine the exact trainings that helped us remedy individual and team weaknesses.
    I personally appreciated the most that it voiced both my good and bad feelings.

    I recommend it to anyone who needs reliable, quick, informative help with managing problematic situations at the workplace.

    Dr. Mónika Bartha Country HR Manager, Sanmina-SCI Kft.
  • Our company is a small business with really stable foundations that has been on a path of qualitative growth for a few years. We work in varying teams, on different projects, for a colorful clientele.
    A company with few employees such as ours only needs HR knowledge from time to time – but those times it needs to be excellent. Recruiting the suitable candidates, precisely targeted development, accurate evaluation of leadership competence is paramount.
    We made use of Selfmapping many times, and it proved to be a great help. It is a safe filter that besides presenting the development possibilities also shows the limits to be expected, and allows us to follow up on our employees’ development.

    This method has paid off for us, and we will use it again in the future. Since it worked for us, I gladly recommend it to others, too.

    Miklós Stadler Executive Director, Pentolt Kft.

Click on the sample test! By taking it you will have a quick and simple way of experiencing Selfmapping’s reliability and usefulness, through the personal feedback you receive.